The diary of macbeth

the diary of macbeth

the diary of macbeth before the murder i still remember the witches and their prophecy and i am not sure what to make of it should i tell my wife i. Extracts from this document introduction macbeth's diary i dare not speak of what i have done such twisted thoughts overtook my mind and now i am sorry to say. Last night i could not sleep i kept thinking about events that have occurred and that i have been a part of upon hearing about the witches’ prophecy i called to. The diary of banquo from william shakespeare's macbeth after the victorious battle over the barbaric strangers from overseas, macbeth and i were walking back to his. Michael robinson on 28 dec 2009 • link macbeth remains among the most popular of shakespeare's plays in performance, having been a favourite with theatre. The secret diary of lady macbeth after receiving a letter from macbeth earlier today, i received a most urgent letter from macbeth he told me that he was. In the initial exploration of the show, the actors created a visual wall of the world of the play for this version of macbeth, we set the show in first century.

For those of you who have read macbeth, by shakespeare, here is the diary entries that no-one besides lady macbeth ever set eyes on until now. My day began as just another ordinary day, until i received a letter from macbeth he has learned of his prophecy that in addition to fulfilling the role. Dear diary, i have just finished reading a letter hand written from my husband macbeth he has informed me about a mysterious prediction that. A simple slide show of some of the main events in guru nanak's life i also use a collection of stories, animated tales, drama and hot seating to b. Diary of macbeth blood so much blood will great neptune‟s ocean wash away the blood and the guilt that engulfs me i fear not as soon as my hands. After reading the play macbeth by shakespeare, i thought it would be rather interesting to get into the dark character of lady macbeth and write a diary.

Dear diary, it is midnight right now i am reminiscing what has occurred today my foolish husband has created a sight of which i did not know how to handle. Task sheets for diary entries at the end of act 1 and after act 1 scene 5. I need to make a diary for lady macbeth for a school project can you give me some tips on how to make it look and sound good do you think it is possible. Macbeth's thoughts written in an old journal hours later after meeting the three witches, macbeth writes down what happened to him and banquo as they came back from.

Dear diary, it is sad to say that i may have to do the dirty deed again to another close friend banquo i feared that this day would come and i would have to do. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Guess what this is macduff writing yes, that's it, i have defeated macbeth - looks like his prophecies weren't enough to stop me finally scotland is free of a.

Diaries act 1 scene 1 third witch upon the marshy ground we met to discuss the fate of macbeth set the date and marked the time to which he would commit the crime.

  • Macbeth characters at a glance macbeth, the ambitious scottish general who kills king duncan to take the throne macduff defeats him in the play's final act.
  • On your own blog become one of the characters (macbeth or lady macbeth) and journal like it was your own diary after the events of each scene.
  • We are here at forres after macbeth has been crowned king of scotland though it is a joyous occasion, i am considering the strange way in which the.
  • Author's note: the story of macbeth is a popular one, known in theater circles as the scottish play i have taken this play, which is usually focused on.
  • Dear diary, i am terrified what my will do to me next also macbeth thinks that i am a gold digger i have turned my lovely husband[macbeth.
  • Mike uses mtv's diary of theme for his senior year ap english project for macbeth his acting is not only amazing, but completely ad-libbed.

Diary entries for lady macbeth on reading macbeth's letter on duncan's arrival, on macbeth's indecision macbeth servant diary entries.

the diary of macbeth
The diary of macbeth
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